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Schuco aluminium bifolds


Connect Your Home To Your Garden

Or your conservatory to the garden, for that matter; that’s because Schuco doors are made from aluminium – a stable material that is incredibly strong, even when less of it is used. This means that our Schuco doors are characterised by a low frame-to-glass ratio, which in turn equates to more light. Even when your doors are closed, your home will feel more connected to the outdoors.

Our Schuco doors are also thermally efficient, so you’ll be able to enjoy clear vistas of your garden during winter and autumn – but without the need to turn up the thermostat to make your living space warmer. Why not explore different designs online by using our quoting tool.

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The Thermally Efficient Choice

Homeowners are concerned with three main issues when buying a Schuco door for their home – thermal efficiency, security and aesthetics. It’s no small wonder that heat retention makes the top three. Reducing the cost of running your home, while making it a more comfortable place to spend time in, is incredibly important. Fortunately, with our aluminium sliding doors, you’ll be able to achieve your aims.

What makes Schuco doors the number one choice for homeowners in Surrey who want to improve their home’s thermal efficiency? The profile of your door will include insulating bars, gaskets and isolators that’ll work in close conjunction with high-performing glazing. These market-leading features will keep the cold air out, while locking the warm air in where it’s needed most. During warmer seasons, the process will work in reverse, with the glass in your doors limiting solar ray penetration into your room.

schuco sliding patio doors epsom surrey

Keep Your Home Protected

Schuco doors excel when it comes to protecting homes from intruders. Although our slimline aluminium patio doors offer tempting glimpses of the inside of your home, anyone viewing it from the outside will struggle to gain access without your authorisation – thanks to the range of security hardware and features built into your door as standard. It’s no wonder our Schuco range is so popular.

Because aluminium is stronger than uPVC or wood, it better withstands heavy blows. Intruders seeking access to your home through force will struggle to gain entry. Depending on the options that you choose, it is even possible to add anti-finger trap technology – so that authorised visitors to your home don’t come to harm when opening or closing your Schuco doors. Our double glazing offers all-round protection.

schuco sliding patio doors epsom surrey

Sliding Door Benefits

Schuco Sliding Doors Epsom Surrey

Slimline Design

Because our Schuco Doors feature a lot more glass – and a lot less frame – your view will be less impeded when looking outside at your garden. The narrow design of your aluminium sliding doors will add a touch of contemporary style to your home, too.

Schuco aluminium Sliding Doors Epsom Surrey

Automatic Opening

Depending on your requirements, an automatic opening option can be added to your Schuco sliding doors. This is especially useful in the case of heavier units, as you’ll be able to open or close your doors using little more than the pressure of a finger.

Schuco Installers In Epsom Surrey

Configuration Choices

You’ll have control over how your Schuco doors open and close. For example, we offer a lift and slide option and your units can be opened from either side or the middle. For large builds, such as a conservatory, up to 3 tracks can be specified.

slimline sliding doors Epsom Surrey

Acoustic Insulation

Our Schuco doors are just as adept at keeping noise out as in. If you live in a busy area, you won’t need to worry about sounds intruding from the outside – nor will you disturb your neighbours when turning up the TV or entertaining guests.

Sliding Door Sizes Epsom Surrey

Customised Doors

We offer an unlimited choice of colours, so you’ll be able to refine the appearance of your Schuco doors to suit your home. You’ll also be able to discuss which hardware, glazing and accessories are best when you speak to one of our team.

Schuco Sliding Doors Epsom Surrey

Long-Lasting Designs

Your new sliding patio doors will be an investment. Schuco doors are made from aluminium: a hard-wearing material that isn’t prone to rotting, warping or corrosion. Your installation will retain its appearance and continue to perform for a very long time.

Schuco Door Prices, Epsom, Surrey and the Surrounding Areas

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