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Schuco aluminium bi-fold doors Epsom Surrey


Our innovative and modern Schuco bi-fold doors provide exceptional, cutting-edge technology and aesthetic to any home in Leatherhead. Expect the very best performance across the board, our Schuco bi-fold doors give you the option to enhance your home for the better.

Schuco’s bi-fold doors can be tailored to meet your desired specifications to perfectly complement your home. Whatever the age or style of your property, our bi-fold doors could be right for you.

Every Schuco bi-fold door we install meets strict thermal performance regulations and benefits from a range of advanced fixtures and fittings, so you can have confidence in our solutions for your home in Leatherhead. Make a confident investment in your home, and notice the benefits from the day of installation. Get in touch today about our Schuco bi-fold doors.

Our Schuco bi-fold doors are made to last, with their appearance and performance lasting for decades.

Colour Choice

Choose from a broad selection of stunning colours to find the design that is perfect for you and your home. We host a range of Schuco bi-fold doors that are perfect for both modern builds and traditional properties. Browse our range of vibrant colours and shades, and find your perfect match. Why settle for less? Our Schuco bi-fold doors are industry-leading solutions, get in touch today to improve your home.

With our Schuco bi-fold doors, you can opt for the dual colour option, meaning you can select different colours for your home internally and externally. Perfectly match your new installation to every part of your home, and create stunning visual appeal. Contact our team today for assistance with your Schuco bifold doors.


Schuco aluminium bi-folding doors Epsom


Highly Secure Bi-Fold Doors

Schuco Bi-folding doors’ durable and resistant design provides security class up to WK2. Our robust double glazing is able to withstand sudden impact, to keep you and your home in Leatherhead safe. Have peace of mind that by choosing our Schuco bi-fold doors, you will also be choosing a safe and durable solution for your property.

Schuco uses high-grade aluminium for the frame of their bi-fold doors. This will add an extra layer of durability and protection to your structure. The embedded features won’t deteriorate over time either, to keep you protected from the threat of modern burglaries.

Each installation comes already fitted with a multipoint locking system manufactured within the frame to ensure our Schuco bifold doors are high performance. The locking system engages with multiple points inside the frame, to ensure security is embedded within each section of the frame. Our valued Leatherhead customers can have peace of mind that our designs are made to look great and keep you safe.

Schuco bi-folding doors Epsom

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Schuco Bi-Fold Doors Benefits

Schuco aluminium bi-folding doors leatherhead Surrey

Single Level Operation

Our Schuco bi-fold doors operate on a single level, so you can maximise your living space with ease. When opened, your Schuco bi-fold doors will create a spacious, open-plan room that is perfect for relaxing. Make the most out of your home with our solutions here at Surrey Bi-Folds.

schuco bi-folding doors leatherhead surrey

Integrated E-Slide

To boost the functionality of your new installation, you can choose an ‘e-slide’ system’. This gives Leatherhead homeowners the option to open the Schuco bi-fold doors via an electrical operation. Your doors can open from the touch of a button. The ‘e-slide’ system is expertly fitted into Schuco bi-fold doors frame. Your door will be high performance for years to come.

Schuco aluminium bi-folding door prices leatherhead surrey

Extra Slim Availability

Our Schuco bifold doors are already slim, but our customers can opt for an extra slim version too. This option will allow you to benefit from larger glazing, increased natural light and vast unobstructed views of your outside world.

aluminium bifolding doors leatherhead surrey

Thermally Efficient

If you’re are looking to give your home an upgrade, then you should consider our thermally efficient Schuco bi-fold doors. Our Schuco doors are designed using a thermally broken frame which helps your home retain its natural heat and prevents cold draughts from entering. By choosing our doors, you could reduce your energy bill.

schuco internal bi-fold doors leatherhead surrey

Smooth Function

Our Schuco bi-fold doors operate seamlessly operate on a high quality, stainless steel track which allows for a smooth, straight forward and gentle operation. Choose us to help you with your home improvements project, you will be impressed with our high performance solutions.

schuco bi-fold doors leatherhead surrey

Sound Dampening

Our Schuco bi-fold doors are an excellent solution for Leatherhead homeowners who are living in built-up areas. Our solutions have a continuous gasket rebate on both sides which can greatly minimise the noise pollution in your home. Relax in your space with our innovative solutions.

Schuco Bi-Fold Doors Prices, Leatherhead

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