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Schuco aluminium bifolds

smart aluminium epsom surrey

smart aluminium epsom surrey

smart aluminium epsom surrey

What Is A Curtain Wall?

A curtain wall or façade wall is the outer covering of a building. Its non-structural design characterises it. It helps to keep the weather out and the occupants in. It is designed as a way to add a statement piece to a building crafting a façade that has the option of being sloped or facet-shaped glazing.

It allows for maximum light to make its way into either small or larger buildings. Featuring concealed transoms, our curtain walling has uninterrupted glass to glass joints. Better yet, they feature a fantastic polyamide thermal break. This means that our aluminium curtain wall will keep structures warm with effortless visual appeal.

Interested in curtain walling? We fit building façade walls throughout Epsom, Ashtead, Cheam, Stoneleigh, Leatherhead, Tadworth, Chipstead, Oxshott, Sutton, Purley, Caterham, Wallington, Kingswood, Reigate, Redhill, Merstham, Fetcham, Bookham, Cobham, Weybridge, Esher and the nearby Surrey towns. Reach out to us today for more information!

Curtain Wall Companies

We, as a company, have worked tirelessly to deliver the best curtain walling systems on the market. That is why we have chosen to work with Smart as our leading suppliers. However, we do offer Reynaers, ALUK, Cortizo and Schuco curtain wall systems. This is because they provide the best in thermal performance and aesthetic appeal. With slim frames, buildings can benefit from natural light flooding in without the building feeling the effects of the elements in Surrey.

As these are aluminium curtain walls, you can be sure that they are robust and durable. They will last for many years to come ensuring enduring aesthetic appeal with an energy-efficient design. Working with leading aluminium manufacturers can ensure that you always get products that will stand the test of time.

Would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by using our online contact form. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


Thermal Performance From Curtain Walling

While it may seem that curtain walling is only available to add stunning aesthetics, this is not the case. Structures can benefit from the improved thermal performance that is sure to impress all. This makes it an incredibly eco-friendly installation. This is because structures will not need to rely on heating as much to feel warm. Not only this but because there is exposure to natural light, artificial lighting becomes less needed over time.   

This could see a potential reduction in energy bills and a reduction in carbon footprints. Thermal performance is vital to ensure that the infamous British weather is kept out and the people inside are kept warm. Opt for our stunning façade curtain walling today for your Surrey project. Get in touch for more information about our aluminium curtain walling.  


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Curtain Walling Benefits

Thermal Performance

Enjoy stunning and vast spaces of double glazing without having to worry about the thermal performance. Featuring a polyamide thermal break, our curtain walling will be sure to keep your structure warm throughout the winter and colder months. Contact us for more information.

Versatile Installation

Our building facades are unique and impressive. They can be fitted on high-rise buildings, large shop fronts and many, many more. By getting in touch with us, we can discuss the best option for you when it comes to our outstanding curtain walling and its versatile designs.


Having our curtain walling from Smart and other incredible aluminium manufacturers ensures that these installations are high-quality. They will be sure to last for many years with minimal maintenance to keep them looking new and fresh. Discover our façade walls today!

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of choosing Smart is the fact that we as a company are working towards making a greener future for all. There will be less of a reliance on heating as well as artificial lighting. This is outstanding for those who are looking to save money and cut costs.

Stunning Aesthetics

Curtain walling is fantastic. It will transform the look of a building through vast spaces of glazing. Buildings look stunning with façade walls fitted. Discover our high quality and high-performance curtain walling that is designed to last. Reach out to us for more information.

Professional Installation

We, as a company, work hard to install curtain walling fast and efficiently. We are experts at providing clients with the products they want for their projects in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Choose us today as your professional glass wall façade installer and benefit from a perfect fit.


Curtain Walling Prices Epsom, Surrey & Local Areas

Use our online contact form to get all the information from us about curtain walling. We fit curtain walls throughout Epsom, Ashtead, Cheam, Stoneleigh, Leatherhead, Tadworth, Chipstead, Oxshott, Sutton, Purley, Caterham, Wallington, Kingswood, Reigate, Redhill, Merstham, Fetcham, Bookham, Cobham, Weybridge, Esher and the nearby Surrey towns.

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