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Enjoy Panoramic Views Without Compromising On Quality

Our Cortizo Windows will brighten up your Epsom home, giving you the illusion of more space. These windows are manufactured from the finest aluminium profile, providing a range of benefits such as improved thermal performance, increased security, weatherproofing and more. With a large glazing area, you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views of your Surrey garden throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. 

We install two Cortizo Windows, the Casement System and the COR 70 Hidden Sash. Each one offers the Epsom homeowner a variety of different benefits. Both can be customised in more than 100 anodized finishes, with single and dual colour options available. This means you can get an aluminium window that truly celebrates the style of your Surrey home.

Both Cortizo Windows can be customised to fit your Epsom home, with a range of different opening possibilities available. The casement style can open out, side hung and top hung. The COR 70 Hidden Sash can have an interior side hung, 1 & 2 sashes, tilt & turn 1 & 2 sashes and tilt. This means that whatever the size of your property, you can get a window that fits perfectly. 



Cortizo Window Prices Epsom

Reducing Your Home’s Energy Bills

The Cortizo Windows offer a great thermal performance for the Epsom homeowner. These profiles are manufactured from the finest aluminium profiles, which will help to keep a comfortable temperature in your property throughout the year. Even in the coldest of winters, this aluminium style will help to retain a comfortable temperature within your property. 

The casement Cortizo Window has been thermally broken and has a slim sightline of 65mm. Despite having a slim frame, this window can still achieve U-values of 1.1 W/m2K. This means you’ll enjoy natural warmth in your home, allowing you to rely less on your central heating. 

Our Hidden Sash Cortizo Windows offer a better performance, achieving U-values of 1W/m2K. With both Cortizo Windows, your heat will be retained for longer. This means you’ll start to rely less on your energy bills for warmth, which will lead to the carbon footprint of your property shrinking.



Colour Customise Your Cortizo Windows

It’s important when choosing Cortizo Windows for your Epsom home that you get products that celebrate your style. Through choosing Surrey Bi-Folding Doors, you’ll be able to customise your aluminium window to suit every type of property. You can choose from a range of powder-coated RAL colours, with wood effect options available. If you want to maintain the traditional touch of your Epsom home, a woodgrain effect is perfect, or you can have a bold colour for more contemporary properties. 

Other powder coating – and upgrade options – are available for your Cortizo Windows for your Surrey home. Contact the Surrey Bi-Folding Doors team for advice.

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Cortizo Window Benefits

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Tested Quality

To ensure our Epsom customers have complete peace of mind they are getting the best quality, our Coritzo Windows have been thoroughly tested. Each profile has undergone tests for air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance. This means you can have the peace of mind that in the bad weather, the comfort of your home will not be blighted. 

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Recyclable Designs

Unlike other aluminium windows, our Cortizo Windows take the environment into consideration during manufacturing. The use of innocuous raw materials and products in the manufacturing process allows for the limitless possibility of recycling. This removes any creation of waste and reduces the environmental risk of these windows. 

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Sound Insulation

With Cortizo Windows, you’ll no longer worry about loud noises outside disrupting the comfort within your property. The casement window has been produced up to 45 decibel reduction and the Hidden Sash 46. This means when your Cortizo Windows are closed, you’ll enjoy a peaceful mood within your Epsom home, and equally, loud noises you make won’t disrupt your neighbours. 

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Quality Guaranteed

Unlike other materials, aluminium can provide the Epsom homeowner with many years of quality use. Our Cortizo Windows have the strength and durability of things that can last a lifetime. With good maintenance, you’ll be able to rely on your window to offer a great performance for many, many years to come. 

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Securing Your Property

Security is an important factor to consider with new aluminium windows. Our Cortizo Windows are made with security in mind. The Casement Window has been made to PAS24 standards, giving you peace of mind you’ll have the best protection. For the Hidden Sash, this window allows for hidden hinges and EVO security hardware, giving your Surrey home the best protection. 

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Value For Money

Choose Cortizo Windows and improve the market appeal of your property.  Should you ever wish to sell your home, prospective buyers will love the expansive use of glass throughout your double glazing and the sheer amount of light it lets inside. Get a bespoke quote for your Cortizo Windows today.

Cortizo Window Prices, Epsom and Surrounding Areas

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