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Beautifully crafted and expertly finished, Origin bi-fold doors are a premium home improvement solution that allows you to bring something premium to your property. Designed and manufactured in Britain, this bi-fold door design comprises premium grade aluminium to ensure outstanding levels of performance and appearance.

By capturing a completely timeless design, these aluminium bi-fold doors can be installed to complement any property style. It’s never been easier to connect your home with the outside, whilst still enjoying the best standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability and lifespan. Bring more to your property, with the Origin design.

Origin Bi-Fold Doors Benefits

origin Aluminium bifold doors epsom

Lightweight and Durable

Due to the quality of aluminium used, Origin bi-fold doors can achieve exceptional structural integrity without having to rely on bulk or weight. This means that they are able to achieve slim and sleek sightlines, letting in generous amounts of light, as well as a light frame for easy and gliding use. You’ll be able to enjoy a design that is 67% lighter than steel.

origin Aluminium bi-fold doors epsom

Durable Powder Coating

All of our colours are applied with a highly durable powder coating, so you’ll be able to enjoy a lasting look no matter which option you choose. Our colours won’t flake, peel, fade or discolour when exposed to the elements. You’ll be able to rest assured that our doors will continue to complement your home for many years to come.

origin Aluminium bi-folding doors epsom

No Boundaries Option

Getting the right threshold, the transition between one room to another, can ensure you enjoy better standards of practicality, aesthetic and home comfort. To create a completely seamless connection between rooms, or to the outside, we can offer ultra-low thresholds or thresholds that sit flush within the floor to ensure you can really let the outside in.

origin bi-fold doors epsom

Thermally Efficient

Keeping warm and comfortable during the winter months is made easy with the Origin design. A combination of an intelligently designed aluminium profile, high performance weather seals and professional fitting ensure these aluminium bi-fold doors achieve an impressive U-Value of 1.32. You’ll be able to keep your home insulated all year round.

origin bi-folding doors epsom

Bespoke Design

Bring a personal touch to your home with our highly customisable bi-fold door designs, allowing you to choose overall size, number of doors, configuration, single or dual colour, threshold option, opening configuration, handle model and accessory finishes. To get the perfect fit, you’ll be able to choose from one to eight doors, available between 400mm ad 1200mm.

origin Aluminium bi-fold doors epsom Surrey

20 Year Guarantee

For your peace of mind, all Origin bi-fold doors can be fitted with a comprehensive 20-year guarantee. This is made possible by a rigorous and stringent testing process that ensures all aspects of the door stand up to the test of constant use. This also means that they won’t rot, warp or crack over time so you’ll be able to enjoy lasting performance.

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A Choice of Colours

Choose from over 150 different colours from the extensive RAL selection, including a selection of woodgrain foils that allow you to get the look of wood without having to worry about any time-consuming maintenance. Whether you’re after something understated, or something that really catches the eye, we’ll be able to help.

Dual Colour Options

You can also opt for a dual colour option, which allows you to choose a different colour for your property interior and exterior. This means that you’ll be able to complement the interior and exterior of your home simultaneously, bringing a door that really fits in well with your home. It won’t matter if you live in a modern home, or traditional, you’ll find the right look.

Bi-fold door colours epsomRal colours for bifold doors epsom

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Origin Bi-Fold Doors Colour Styles

Origin Easifold frames and fittings are colour coated with an ultra durable polyester powder manufactured by Interpon, the world leader in architectural powder coatings.
Choose one of the styles below

Ral 1034

Deckchair Yellow

Ral 3012

Beige Red

Ral 3014

Antique Red

Ral 3017


Ral 3015

Light Pink

Ral 3022

Salmon Pink

Ral 4002

Red Violet

Ral 4005

Clifftop Heather

Ral 5023

Distant Blue

Ral 6021

Rock Pool

Ral 1000

Green Beige

Ral 1001


Ral 1014


Ral 1015

Light Ivory

Ral 7032

Solid Granite

Ral 7035

Light Grey

Ral 9001


Ral 9002

Grey White

Ral 9016

Classic White

Ral 9018

Papyrus White

Ral 1023

Traffic Yellow

Ral 2004

Pure Orange

Ral 3018

Strawberry Red

Ral 3020

Marilyn's Lipstick

Ral 3027

Raspberry Red

Ral 4003

Heather Violet

Ral 5005

Signal Blue

Ral 5015

Hockney Blue

Ral 6018

Crisp Apple

Ral 6029

Mint Green

Ral 1021

Olive Yellow

Ral 6013

Mill Pond

Ral 7003

Moss Grey

Ral 7008

Forest Fern

Ral 7006

Beige Grey

Ral 7009

Green Grey

Ral 7013

Brown Grey

Ral 7022

Umbra Grey

Ral 8016

Rich Peat

Ral 8017

Chocolate Brown

Ral 3003

Ruby Red

Ral 3004


RAL 3007

Black Red

RAL 4004

Claret Violet

RAL 5002

Royal Blue

Ral 5011

Steel Blue

Ral 5022

Night Blue

RAL 6004

Blue Green

Ral 6012


Ral 6026

Opal Green

Ral 1005

Norfolk Mustard

Ral 1012

Lemon Yellow

RAL 1028

Melon Yellow

Ral 2003

Pastel Orange

Ral 3013

Orient Red

Ral 5009

Trafalgar Blue

Ral 5020

Ocean Blue

Ral 5021

Water Blue

Ral 6025

Fern Green

Ral 6032


Ral 1016


Ral 3001

Signal Red

Ral 5012

Light Blue

Ral 5013

Cobalt Blue

Ral 5014

Mineral Blue

Ral 5017

Blue Blazer

Ral 5024

Pastel Blue

Ral 6019

Pastel Green

Ral 6027

Mint Julep

Ral 7013

Blue Grey

Ral 1011

Brown Beige

Ral 1019

Olive Grove

Ral 1024

Ochre Yellow

Ral 2001

Red Orange

Ral 7002

Olive Grey

Ral 8000

Green Brown

Ral 8008

Olive Brown

Ral 8015

Chestnut Brown

Ral 8023


Ral 8025


Ral 5004

Black Blue

Ral 6015

Black Olive

Ral 7000

Olive Grey

Ral 7021

Black Grey

Ral 7024

Graphite Grey

Ral 7038

Cool Grey

Ral 7046

Solid Steel

Ral 7047

Light Grey

Ral 8022

Black Brown

Ral 9005

Jet Black

Higher Security, Better Peace of Mind

All Origin bi-fold doors are manufactured to exceed the latest security standards, including PAS23/24. This is made possible by a unique 8-point locking system, which works in harmony with secure hinges and chamfered 20mm linear bolts. This means that your home will be protected from even the most determined intruder.

In response to popular burglary trends, Origin bi-fold doors are fitted with a locking cylinder that is anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump to prevent these techniques from being used to enter your home. All of these security features are expertly integrated into an innately robust aluminium profile to ensure security is kept consistent across the whole frame.

Origin Bi-Fold Doors Prices

To bring the Origin standard to your home, you can visit our online quoting engine. This modern tool allows you to input your exact specifications through a step by step process, resulting in a tailored price that is based on what you need.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to offer you a quote this way, or you can speak to a member of our team if you have any questions regarding our Origin bi-fold doors or prices.



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