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The ALUK bi-fold door design offers homeowners the innovation and intelligence of the modern age, allowing them to install a leading door design into their home with ease. Due to the modern techniques used in the manufacturing process, these doors are always able to offer impressive levels of reliability, performance and design: every time.

One thing that sets bi-fold doors apart from other door designs is their ability to completely open up your home. This is made possible by the fact that 90% of the door aperture becomes free once the door is opened, folding neatly away to ensure you don’t suffer from restricted access or obstructed views. They are sure to be a fantastic addition to any home.

Getting the Perfect Colour

To help you bring a personal touch to your home, all ALUK bi-fold doors can be fitted in a choice of standard or bespoke colours. With a full range to choose from, it won’t matter if your home is modern, traditional, period or heritage, you’ll find something to suit. All colours are fitted with a durable coating to prevent them from flaking or peeling over time, for lasting aesthetics.

We also offer a dual colour option, which means you can choose a different colour for the inside and the outside of the door. You won’t have to settle for a door that looks great on the outside but clashes with your inside decorations. Simply speak to a member of our team and they will be able to advise you on the best option for your home.

ALUK aluminium bi-folding doors Epsom

Exceptional Security

For your peace of mind, ALUK bi-fold doors stand up to all modern security requirements. Due to their inherent strength and high quality manufacturing process, they will hold steadfast against even the most determined intruder. We also integrate high performance locking mechanism into the door frame to keep it out of sight and out of reach.

Due to their design, ALUK bi-fold doors exceed PAS24 standards and have been certified by Secured by Design. This police-backed initiative defines its approach as ‘designing out crime’, putting products through a stringent testing process to ensure they offer effective resistance to modern burglary trends. Enjoy better standards of security with Surrey Bi-Folding Doors.

ALUK aluminium bi-folding doors Epsom Surrey

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ALUK Bi-Fold Doors Benefits

ALUK aluminium bi-folding doors Epsom

Highly Configurable

Getting the right fit for your home doesn’t need to be a time consuming or stressful affair. We offer a wide range of configuration options to help you get the ideal door for your home. This includes panel number, opening configuration, accessory options, threshold choice and more. To suit your configuration and space needs, these doors can be stacked inside or outside.

ALUK aluminium bifolding doors Epsom

Unique Handle Option

As an exclusive feature of the ALUK door, you’ll be able to enjoy the practicality of a flush line, pop-out handle. This innovative design enables you to avoid any unsightly handles protruding from the door design, which can have a negative impact on the sleek feel of the door. Easy to use and high quality, you can’t find this anywhere else on the current market.

ALUK aluminium bifolding doors Epsom Surrey

Slim Sightlines

As ALUK aluminium bi-fold doors use premium grade aluminium in their manufacturing process, they can achieve impressive structural integrity without a bulky frame. This, in turn, allows for generous amounts of glazing that allow natural light to pour in. ALUK bi-fold doors will bring a bright and spacious feel to any home they are installed.

ALUK aluminium bi-fold doors Epsom

Attention to Detail

Allowing customisation right down to the detail, you’ll be able to opt for chamfered or square beading. With this, you’ll be able to bring a subtle traditional or modern feel to your door. Beading is important as it helps to keep the glazing in place, but this does not mean that you can’t enjoy style while it does it.

ALUK aluminium bi-fold doors Epsom Surrey

Thermally Efficient

High performance weather seals and a thermally broken aluminium profile enable these bi-fold doors to achieve a total U-value of 1.7. This means that you’ll be able to increase the potential heat retention of your home, keeping the winter winds at bay whilst enjoying longer periods of warmth and comfort.

ALUK bi-folding doors Epsom

Long Lasting

With a design that is high performance as standard, you can rest assured that the ALUK design will prove to be a worthwhile addition to your home. Unlike their timber counterparts, they won’t rot, bow or crack over time. You’ll be able to enjoy smooth operation, beautiful aesthetics and leading standards of performance over many years.

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